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Ticket scanning service HotWay.app

The ticket scanning service using a mobile app (HotWay.app) provides a convenient and efficient solution for checking and managing tickets for various events.
Here is a description of the main functions and features of the service:
  1. Ticket scanning: The mobile application allows users to scan QR and barcodes codes present on tickets. Using the smartphone camera, the app quickly and accurately recognises the code and extracts the ticket information.
  2. Ticket validity check: Once scanned, the app checks the validity of the ticket by checking its details with the event database. This ensures that the ticket is valid and has not been used before.
  3. Ticket management: Users can use the service to manage their tickets. They can view event information such as date, time and venue, as well as see the validation status of each ticket.
  4. Delegating Ticket Scanning Rights: An organiser can delegate the ability to scan tickets for their event to another person.

The ticket scanning service via mobile app (HotWay.app) provides convenience and security for event organisers. It simplifies the ticket validation process, makes it easier to manage tickets and offers additional features to increase the comfort and satisfaction of attendees.
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